Food is Making Us Sick…

If you’re a friend, or a follower of me, on Social Networks, or in real life, you know I complain a lot. There is so much to complain about. Stress is a big one, but even bigger than that is food. I came to the realization that food was making people sick, as early as the 1990’s, when I myself, started to become inexplicably sick, all the time, and it got so severe, that by 2001 I was disabled to the point that I could not hold a job. They frown when you want to use the lavatory more than once or twice. I was in there, every hour or so, and not always just because I had to go, but because I was sick. And if it was a particularly bad episode, it would be embarrassing.

I began to start feeling sicker than usual in 1998. I was always not feeling well, since I was a little kid. About 5 AM before I even ate anything, my stomach would hurt. Looking back, I think it was a mixture of the stress I had, because someone was doing naughty and disgusting things to me at school, and because I was hungry. Having said that, I have never been a big fan of breakfast. But fast forward to 1998, I noticed things. I didn’t put it together at first and it actually took me a very long time to come to a conclusion of why, and I am still learning.

In research, I was unable to find any answer as to why I was getting sick, and I felt the worst after I ate. I was thin, so I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong with my diet. When I stopped working, by weight would go up, but then come down again when I worked again. I spent two years off work once because I was sick, and when I returned, a comment was made by a coworker, and he wasn’t trying to be an asshole about it, but something like, “You’re eating well.” Or something like that. That was around 2000 – 2001. By November 2001 I couldn’t work anymore and haven’t been able to since.

Around 2004, I was on America Online, talking to some people. One guy in the chatroom started talking and said that he was starting an “Organic Diet” I had heard the term “Organic” before and it was so foreign to me. It also seemed like it was a new age fad, and I didn’t pay much attention, as I thought it was some weird or special foods that I would not like. But that stuck with me. He went on to explain that his food tastes so much better and he actually lost a little weight himself. So then I started to pay attention.

I was unable to find much about it myself, and I started noticing foods called “Organic” at the store, more and more. Then I noticed the price. Then a Gluten Free aisle came up. I thought it meant “Glutton Free” and thought “Oh, I can eat as much as I want, and not be a glutton.” I noticed those prices too, and steered clear.

I began researching all this stuff online, and was finding more and more information. A lot of it was bullshit, and a lot of it was true, but from quacky sources, like Doctor Oz, and The Doctors, that were just in it for the money and the fame of their name. But it gave me direction.

In 2006, I began to learn what “Monsanto” was and exactly what they were doing. When I worked, I was a Security Officer, and companies would contract with the company I worked for. There was United Parcel Service, and Monsanto, to name a few. I was posted at Monsanto for a few days because an officer there was out, sick, and my job was weird. I had no idea what that company was, or what they did at the time. I had to watch this large quarry like area, which was a big hole in the ground, like a lake, without water. They called it “The Dilution Basin” I just had to sit in my car, and look at it. Very boring.

I asked about it, what it was, what I was looking for and other things when the “Monsanto Security” people drove by to check up on me. They said they weren’t sure either, but told me I am to look for people, or anything else like animals around there, and if it was people to call for help, but if it was animals, just let them know. It was all very strange.

They were on the two way radio, and from what I could gather, they had a man on stilts, walking through the woods on the Monsanto grounds, with binoculars. He reported over the air, that he spotted a beaver that was felling trees on the property. That was all I heard on the radio and what I saw and I thought “What fresh hell is going on here.”

I recalled stories about what my Grandmother told me. She used to work there as a secretary and she would type things up that were written in some kind of code that she didn’t understand. But she has absolutely NO IDEA what went on there either.

Anyway, after I was sick and long gone from that place, I began to learn more and more about them. I learned that they were experimenting with food that is grown. Wheat, soy, hops, barley, rye, corn, alfalfa, canola, etc. If it grew, they were experimenting with it. I learned that they were studying the genetic makeup of those crops and experimenting with modifying those genes to do a lot of different things from resisting insects, from spoiling or going bad, and for a more sinister purpose, surviving glyphosate, which is a poison much like Dioxin, only very diluted. I hearkened back to the “Dilution Basin” and wondered if I was exposed to some kind of weaker version of “Agent Orange”. I have a distant relative that had a deformed son. His Father was in Vietnam, where Agent Orange was used and that is what caused it. His Father had the cancer, and he had some deformation from birth defects, which was corrected by plastic surgery.

And so it came to pass that over time, I realized that genetic modification was going on with our food, and worse than that, it was sprayed with “glyphosate” whom Monsanto insists it is safe enough to drink, but refuses to drink it when offered. A reporter actually offered a Monsanto Spokesperson a glass of water, but told him it was roundup, after the spokesperson insisted it was safe, and the spokesperson refused to drink it and said “I’m not an idiot.” Well you were just BUSTED in another lie. Monsanto has a track record of saying things are safe. They said Agent Orange was safe, after it stripped all the foliage off trees and caused them to die, almost instantly. That is the role it played in Vietnam, to find the Vietcong soldiers hiding in the forests of Saigon.

Anyway, through the years, I came to realize but without proof, that Genetic Modification itself, might or might not be harmful, we just don’t know. But our bodies and our own genetic makeup is designed to recognize what is natural, and the body processes it. If something is altered from its natural state, then the body sees that as a foreign substance, and isn’t sure what to do with it. It might even see it as an invasion of something, and send your immune system to react to it, trying to get it out of the system. This happens a lot in people with tattoo. The ink gets into the body, the body recognizes this and sends white blood-cells to where the ink is invading. But the ink molecules are too big for the blood-cells to handle. They keep working, trying to get it gone, which is why tattoo fades over time, but that’s another post for another day.

So genetically modified foods, in itself might be causing the body to react in ways that it wouldn’t otherwise react, because of this altered things that are entering our body. There is intentionally no proof of this. There is, however, overwhelming proof that the chemical they spray genetically modified crops with, glyphosate, causes the cancer, birth defects, and other problems. From high fructose corn syrup, corn oils, vegetable oils, fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, and Even V-8 is all genetically modified for the purpose of surviving the glyphosate, and the bonus, making people sick so that the drug industry can profit.

I thought that the idea of a conspiracy such as this was nonsense, until Barack Obama was reelected and put Michael Taylor, a Monsanto Vice President, in charge of the Food and Drug Administration. Monsanto finally was the Fox in the hen house. Any food that is genetically modified gets automatic approval and green lights for production and to be sold. And it had been going on before this. Back in the 1980’s and 1990s Aspartame, was pushed through. Donald Rumsfeld was involved with getting that done. There were memos in the 1980’s that glyphosate, and their “Aspartame” was carcinogenic, but Monsanto ignored those memos and tried to hide them.

So take a look around. More than ever, we have people that are obese, kids that are morbidly obese, and have adult diseases like diabetes, congestive heart failure, food allergies, sensitivities to gluten, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, Fibromyalgia, cancers, and in kids, or at birth, or young age, doctors have “No idea” why and tell the parents it is a genetic defect. BULLSHIT ! It is the stuff that is in Mother’s breast-milk, and even infant formula that is causing these problems, in addition to things like autism. Then you have these idiot parents REFUSING to vaccinate their children, thinking it causes autism, when it does not.

LET ME BE CLEAR ! VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM ! It is caused by food that has been poisoned intentionally. And at the root of it all is money. Sick people makes a lot of people rich, and that is why it is allowed to continue. Food is loaded with salt. Way more salt than a person should have in a day, up to three times the daily allowance of sodium. And that is why people have a problem with weight and heart problems.

Kids foods are loaded with glyphosate. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in bread, peanut butter, jelly, and Kool-aid. You give that to your kids for lunch, with a small bag of Doritos, or potato chip, you are poisoning your kid. Unintentional yes, and even legal. But you are, in fact, poisoning your kids and yourself.

It doesn’t stop there. I have had two dogs get the cancer, and had to be put down. The first dog was only four years old. She developed a tumor and was leaking urine all over the house. And this was a smart dog too. She would never wet the house. When we would leave, she would have piss or defecate, we found out that she would go into the basement and go over the drain in the floor. It always smelled like urine and we could not figure out why and assumed it was a sewer problem. Then one day we found solid evidence after we were gone too long, and figured out what was going on. So this is not a dog that would just piss all over the house for no reason. Something was wrong, and the vet found that she had a cancerous tumor. At that time, there was nothing to be done, except to put her into a crate, and have her sent to another county that was six hours away, where they were doing experimental radiation and chemo therapy to treat animals with the cancer… It would be too much on her to put her through that, and it would have likely killed her, and the humane option was to say good bye. I was holding her when they did it. She died in my arms. This was even before I had gotten sick, and ironically, I was living in my Grandmother’s house, because I moved in with her, because she was dying of the cancer and was not safe for her to be alone. Her husband, my Grandpa, also died, thanks to Lucky Strikes and Vantage. And thanks to Marlboro for my Grandma too.

I NEVER thought that dog food, cat food or any other pet food would be genetically modified or have anything bad in it. Never crossed my mind until some years later. After another dog, Farley, died from bloat, he was 12 years old Lab, and learned how to behave from Midnight. Midnight was the one that got the cancer. Farley was a lab, Akita mix. After 12 years old, his stomach flipped and twisted his pipes inside. I was wondering why he wouldn’t eat and got so thin. Took him to the vet and learned that labs have that condition. So I still didn’t give any thought to what my dogs were eating.

The next one I adopted, Rusty. He was so cute. I was at the Humane Society and saw him. All the other puppies were jumping up and down in their cages, making these yipping sounds and barking. But that one, with markings that made his forehead appear wrinkled was just sitting there, with his head down, between his paws and looked at me with big brown eyes. I put my fingers through the space of the cage, and he came up towards me and sniffed and licked. I told the attendant that I would like to see that puppy. She took the lock off his cage and left. I opened the cage and the puppy approached. I put my arms out, just outside of the cage and did not reach for him nor invade his space, He sniffed my hands then crawled right up into my arms, then licked my face. I knew he was mine at that moment and no matter what, he was going home with me, no matter what it took. While going back home with him, Dad was driving and Mother was in the front seat. I was in the back with this puppy and he went into my nephew’s car seat and fell asleep.

While going home, and trying to think of his name, his color was brown and tan. I saw a sign advertising the “Starlight Express” and thought of the time I saw it at the Kiel Center in Saint Louis. I came up with the name “Rusty” the main train in Starlight Express. Mostly because of the puppy’s color. Rusty seemed to fit. Mother wasn’t thrilled with it, but then agreed. My Dad was just there, and not involved otherwise and resented Mother and me for wanting another dog. He was still undone over Farley. As were we, and that’s why we got another. And while my Mother and Dad were off in another area of the Humane Society, I found and bonded with “Rusty”.

Rusty lived a good life for 8 years. In his final year (human calculation) He was having some issues. I took him to the vet, and they said that he had the cancer, but they also said that they had a run on dogs coming back for the cancer, and retested him. Then they said no cancer. But his symptoms persisted. So back and forth to the vet and to different locations, one vet diagnosed Rusty with Addison’s Disease and would give him injections under his skin that would hydrate him, and seemed to make him feel better too. Every night, after I ate dinner, he would start moaning at me. I couldn’t figure out why, but he would just lay on the floor and moan at me. So I would get a pillow, get on the floor with him, and hold him. He wasn’t going on the sofa, because I trained him to not do so, when I got a new one. I came to regret that later. He was always in my bed and welcomed there.

Anyway, that went on for a while. Every night after I ate, I would be sitting in the chair, watching TV, and he would start moaning at me. So I would grab a pillow and get on the floor, his back against my chest and just hold him, and he was quiet.

This went on a while. When my Dad left for work, and the house was empty except for me, Rusty would come downstairs, and lie down in the well, until I opened the door, then come into the basement with me, where I stay in my own house, that I own so that my parents can live upstairs. If I was the only one here, I would stay in the basement anyway. But that’s another story for another time.

One day, I opened the door, after one of his “Addison’s” treatments and he was at the top of the stairs, and would not come down. His head was down, between his paws, and he just moaned at me again. Then I found some nasty vomit all over the kitchen. I took him to a special clinic a friend told me about and had him there. They kept him about three days, and sent him to a bigger specialized vet in Chesterfield Missouri. They confirmed my biggest fear since the regular vet, and this place he was at three days. “Cancer” and it grew pretty fast. In July, he was at this Midwest Veterinary Referral Clinic, seeing an oncologist, and being treated with experimental chemo therapy tabs. He started to improve, then there was no more signs of the cancer being active. He still had it, and his oncologist explained it to me. He was in control of the cancer, and that Rusty would probably need Chemo Therapy for the rest of his life. I asked the doctor how long he thought it would be. And he said, “Right now, I am in control. As long as I can keep control, he can live another decade possibly, but this is a cancer I have never seen before, so I don’t want to tell you anything one way or another, because I just don’t know.”

He went onto say that I should start considering his quality of life over quantity at this point, and keep an eye on him. Which I did. The months went by and in October, he got really sick, really fast, and still on the chemo. He kept throwing up all his food. The doctor told me to make him scrambled eggs, which I did, and he was able to keep it down, but he was barking at me, belligerently and moaning. He kept acting if he was still hungry. Twelve eggs I gave him, and he was still belligerently barking at me because he was hungry.

Halloween night 2014 was the worst for him. I had called his oncologist and he told me there was nothing more he could do, and that the cancer had become active and was eating all of Rusty’s food that he consumed and was eating away at Rusty and he was in pain. That morning, I gave him 12 scrambled eggs for breakfast, and was preparing him to be taken back to that specialist. It was time…

They prepped him. He was on the counter lying there, with his head between his paws and looked sad. I wrapped my arms around him, and held him, just as I did when we lied on the floor. I could feel his heart beating. I told him he was a good boy and that I loved him, and they gave him an injection into his picc line, And it was almost instantly. He didn’t move and I felt his heart stop.

Anyway, by that time, I learned that this genetically modified crap was in everything. Including pet food. When Rusty had the cancer, is when I came to that realization. I started him on organic dog food, but it was too late.

When I adopted Mister, the dog I have now, I made sure he would get NOTHING but organic or non GMO food and treats. The Humane Society gave me a bag of Puppy Chow to get me started and I threw it at them and said “STOP FEEDING THIS CRAP TO THEM. THIS IS WHAT IS MAKING THEM SICK.” And I did not take that. Mister got organic puppy food and now has organic dog food. So if he ends up with the cancer, it’s not my fault. My Mother picked out Mister, when he was a puppy. We were told he is a yellow lab retriever. Not true at all. They told me Rusty was a German Shepherd, which was not true at all. He was a Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Anyway, I learned of a new problem wit food last night. I got a severe headache and learned that high histamine foods could be the culprit. Tylenol and caffeine was not helping. It was slowly coming on to begin with, and worsened after I ate dinner, which was macaroni and cheese from scratch. I found out that is a high histamine food. I took an anti histamine allergy tab and that seemed to alleviate it a lot. I still have a slight instance of one but nothing like it was. Histamine is an allergy, so I seemed to have developed a food allergy I never realized I had before. Perhaps this is why I seem to have allergies worse than ever. I love the foods that are listed as high histamine and that’s when I seem to feel the worst. After I eat.

So food is making you sick, it is causing you allergies, it is causing you the cancer, and that is the way the food industry wants it. That is why the Food and Drug Administration are combined. This is why they want to be in control of Organic and Non GMO labeling, so they can charge even more money so that the Non-GMO company can profit and to keep people confused, and ignorant and not understand or know what their food is, or what is in it.

The Food Industry is also now experimenting with laboratory produced things like soy and other plants, that is produced, and not gown, and manipulating it to mimic beef and meat. The cattle industry is not happy, but things being sold as beef is being grown in a lab, from something that isn’t even food in the first place, and they’re trying to produce this more and more, and get it on the shelves of stores without the consumer knowing what they’re buying or eating. That is an outrage and I hope it can be stopped.

The takeaway is, if you can afford it, shop at your local Farmer’s Market or produce store. I purchased a lot of my food from Fresh Thyme, and seemed to feel a little better. I was still sick, but I wasn’t in as much pain, and I also lost weight. As I have become more and more concerned about money, I went back to a regular store and eating their foods, and I have noticed a big change in how I feel, how my body reacts, and how I look in the mirror. It is not pretty anymore. So if you can afford it, put yourself and your food first. Do not get this crap they sell at a regular grocery store. Or, make a list of what is at the Farmer’s Market and just buy those things at the regular store. Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup and avoid and foods, fruit and produce that is NOT marked Organic or Non-GMO verified. Also, buy all of your sausage, bacon, hot dogs, and meats from the butcher, and get your lunch meat like Turkey breast and cheeses from the Deli. Boars Head. NEVER buy that stuff packaged. It’s just salt, water, and bi-products of the item. Not the actual product itself.


The Amazon…

So this prick, named Pecker, David Pecker, of The National Enquirer, is apparently trying to blackmail and extort The Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos, who Agent Orange refers to as a Bozo. Pecker claims to have photos of Bezos pecker and is trying to extort money out of him for blackmail.

I cannot and I do not feel sorry for Jeff Bezos though. He is a billionaire and what does he do ? He sold counterfeit eclipse glasses that kids got a hold of, and have damaged their eyes looking at the sun. Their eyes are permanently damaged because a billionaire wasn’t rich enough. That’s the worst, that we know of.

The next worst thing, is he sells counterfeit USB drives that do not have the capacity that is stated they have, or are embedded with spyware that stealthily installs to your computer, without you knowing about it, or damages your computer by sending a high current through the data port of the USB port on your P.C. which, if not protected, will render your computer a paperweight. I do not know if it damages the hard drive or not, but I do know that there is a lot of current that goes through the wrong end of your computer, and that current is now 240 instead of 120. That is major appliance volts like air conditioners, oven, dryers, and Europe current.

So we have this billionaire destroying people’s eyes and computers, because his billions of dollars aren’t enough for him.

I also have to wonder, how did someone get pictures of his pecker ? Was he picturing his pecker or did someone else picture his pecker ? If someone else pictured his pecker, how did they do it ? Did Bezos expose himself ? If Bezos pictured his own pecker, why did he picture his own pecker, and what did he do with the pictured pecker that allowed David Pecker to get the photo of the pictured pecker ?

David Pecker pictured a pic of a pickled pecker. If David Pecker pictured a pic of a pickled pecker, then where is the pic of the pickled pecker David Pecker pic (ed) ?

Bad Apple…

Stupid people are being scammed by a “phony” customer service representative.

First problem is a kid has an Apple Macintosh mobile cellular telephone. Somehow, she gets locked out of her telephone, and cannot get back into it, so she uses Google to look up Apple Macintosh’s telephone numbers. The first result that appeared, she dialed into it and someone answered the telephone. There’s your FIRST clue it is a scam. If you dial a 1800 telephone numbers for something that is supposed to be customer service, and they answer the telephone, something is shady. Real customer service does not give a f*** about their customers and will put them on hold and make them wait, hoping they will get tired of waiting and hang up.

Next, they tell her she has to buy a gift card, and give him the numbers on the card. Now if you go out, buy a card, then call these assholes back and give them numbers, that’s your own stupidity. Then, not only were you somehow tricked into buying one, but you were somehow tricked into buying 9 of them ? The story doesn’t add up, so I am not even sure I believe you, but I have to wonder why this is in the news.

First of all, your kids should not have a mobile cellular telephone. They do not need one for any reason. If they are in trouble, they find an adult and tell them they need to call their Mother or whatever. So if you give your kids a device, you’re a bad parent and a stupid person. If you allow your kids to be on a social network, again, you’re very stupid and a bad parent. Anyway, not even sure why I bother. People are just too stupid to exist. I have to wonder how people tie their shoelaces.


The Presidential Jackass tweeted;
Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrumpFeb 7 “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!”

I could not agree more with him on this. He has been harassing us, and tampering with, threatening witnesses, since he took office. So I would really like to know when he is going to stop.

He was really on a roll, and flew off the handle yet again, yesterday. A tweet storm of belligerence and lies, followed with total delusions of grandeur, and utter lunacy. He is willfully ignorant, and that makes him stupid.

His spelling and grammar is getting worse. he capitalizes random letters at the beginning of random words. Perhaps those words are important to him. I’ve done it, but he does it way more often than I would consider “normal” and at places in sentences were it does not even make any sense. And if he is tweeting on a telephone device, he would have to go out of his way to capitalize things that way.

He posted his approval rating at 50 % which is known to be a lie. He lies and he makes it so obvious it’s a lie. He also lies about things that can be very easily verified or fact checked and he seems to have no conscience, nor feel any embarrassment about his lies, or how he is actually viewed by people. It is like he has this own image of himself that is distorted, and it seems to be far worse than the mythological Narcissus. He is, by psychiatric definition a narcissist to the extreme. And one does not need a pH. D to make that observation.

I had a lot more to write on this topic, but pain strikes me, causing my thoughts to fly apart, so, I will write more on this topic later. Fibromyalgia is a living hell that no one can understand unless afflicted by it.

I will conclude this post here, by saying that Spike Lee is in my head. Stephen Colbert asked Spike Lee if he had a nick name for trump and he had the perfect one for him. “Agent Orange”, courtesy of Monsanto, someone I mention less and less and also a topic for another blog, as Bayer purchased Monsanto.

Nostalgic, Nostalgia

In my melancholic moods, looking back on things I’ve done, seen, heard, places I’ve been and the technology with me, I’ve come to appreciate more now what I had then, than when I had it then.

Eight track tapes were on their way out, and emerging from reel to reel, which I also got to witness and was fond of, but emerging from those two technologies was the cassette tape and the Walkman by Sony. It was great technology for cycling. I’ve had a few Walkman like devices, my favorite and loyalty being to Sony. I also had Aiwa Cross Trainer Sport Walkman. Both were great and never ate a cassette tape.

Also a great technology from the past were floppy disk, the hard plastic ones, Zip and Jazz disks. Their limitations made them lose favorability very quickly. I had an idea that with newer computer chips and solid state storage that is in the gigabyte and terabyte capacities now, it would be awesome to bring back an eight track cassette, but made of stainless steel or hardened aluminum, and instead of tape inside, have a card or set of chips and make the contacts align with a connection when inserted. So you have the look and operation of an eight track, but without the limitations, or tracks changing in the middle of a song, leaving gaps. And the same thing can be done for floppy drives, Zip and Jazz disks and drives too.

Video Cassette Recorders could make a comeback as well, but instead of cassette tapes, they accept a hard drive. It works just like a VCR, except that your video, or whatever is recorded to a hard drive, instead of a cassette tape. That makes sense. Camcorders can take Laptop size hard drives and that would make more sense. Digital cameras use SD cards, but with those, I almost desire film. I see pictures on digital media and the pictures look almost too perfect, and doors, or other objects, at certain angles look bigger than they really are. The greens are more intense at the bottom of the photos and blues are more intense at the top. Film you get a truer picture if the film is fresh and has not been exposed.

Compact Discs always was my favorite. My uncle was a Merchant Marine for the United States Coast Guard. He went overseas nine months out of the year. He spent a lot of time in Japan, China, Germany, France, all of those countries and saw the world. He always brought back some interesting gadget or equipment that was unheard of in the United States at the time. One of my favorite things he brought back from Japan was a Sony Discman. Never in the United States had it been seen, and these discs. When you held them up to the light they were mirror like and had a prism like rainbow in them. Those discs were not the plastic crap they are today either. They weren’t exactly glass, but they were very fragile. And the sound…

My parents had a record “Billy Joel Piano Man” I only liked about 3 or 4 songs from that record. Guess which one was my favorite. Well I heard my parents record of Piano Man countless times and knew it verbatim. When I listened to exactly the same song, Piano Man on the disc, I heard the metronome ticking the rhythm between the intro and the harmonica. I never heard that on the record, but I heard it on the disc. It was that clear. That Discman was awesome too. It was not plastic. It was mostly metal with a glass window, and silver buttons. The LCD screen and the teal toggle on off switch was plastic, and so was the transformer. But that was about it. It was quality before Sony got cheap and started using plastic crap.

I learned very quickly that CDs were not compatible with cycling. Not even anti skip CDs. They were bulky and you needed to change discs, and they were not easy to keep in the pocket. Cassette tapes were ideal and would fit in coat and pants pockets. I purchased several Sony metal tapes, they were all black, and spun all my compact discs onto cassette tape. It worked well, and the length of cassettes I had, I could get two compact discs onto one cassette. Most of my compact discs were two and three discs sets. The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, and Miss Saigon were the most I carried. The Complete work of Les Misérables is 3 compact discs full. I also got into the musical Jekyll and Hyde, thanks to a service I had from the good ole days of Crown Cable, called DMX.

DMX stood for Digital Music Express. For just $9.00 more, per month, you got a converter box that connected from the coaxial cable (A) side that came into your house, and the box had outputs that you connected to inputs of an amplifier, or stereo receiver. I had a mixing console board, amplifiers, and 1000 watts 15 inches speakers back in the day, so my stereo was like professional DJ equipment. I always had to have the best.

You had this remote control that had a LCD display screen on it, kind of like a giant calculator. You could tune into different channels. For example, classical music, you would get continuous classical music, non stop, and on the remote control it displayed the title of the song, the artist, the genre, and other information. I mainly stayed on show tunes, and I heard Anthony Warlow, whom I recognized as Enjolras from Les Misérables singing “This Is The Moment” from “Jekyll and Hyde” It was awesome. So that was that. Now, it is all done through an ordinary converter and plays on your TV set. All that information is displayed on the screen, and is just not as cool. Like I have Sirius XM with Dish, It’s just not as good, and I can’t get Sirius XM on any other device except what that DVR is connected to, unless I pay for a different subscription. So it doesn’t even matter that I have it, it is useless to me. I miss the good ole days the way things used to be.

So I hope that some day, I live to see metal eight track cartridges, or metal tape cassettes and metal floppies, metal Zip and Jazz disks all make a comeback with solid state media. That would be totally awesome. Until then, we just have to keep living with the cheap plastic crap and TV sets that don’t even last 4 years, I guess. And those are crap too. The screen should be glass, so you can clean the damn thing with Windex. You get this gel and a microfiber, static charged cloth to clean screens now and they don’t work worth a damn, and some of it, damages the plastic. BRING BACK THE GLASS !


I haven’t written a post in a while, because of life, and all that goes with it. I have a lot of problems in my personal life, with caring for people that can no longer care for themselves, and it can be very difficult enough with one, but I am taking care of two.

What’s worse is, these people get no help from their daughter, whatsoever, and she seems to only care about them when she wants something from them. They hardly ever get to see their grandchildren, except on their birthday. Sometimes the older one does come over to give them a lawn job after her Mother begs. Days, weeks, and months go by most of the time and not a peep is heard from her, or, there is some discord where her mother is disgusted with her, because of the way she treated her. So I am with them pretty much all the time.

I take care of all their needs, financial dealings, and just the minutia that happens in everyday lives of people that needs to be taken care of, plus, there are my own. So that is three lives that one person has to manage. Four lives if you consider the dog, who seems content, as he gets to stay inside, lie on the beds and furnishings, with whomever he wants, and gets lots of love, affection, care, and his food and water dish are constantly filled. Well his food, as it seems he doesn’t eat. Only dog I ever had that eats only when he’s hungry and stops when he doesn’t want more. I think he doesn’t care for it, but I have been through three or four different brands trying to find something he will love. As I have had two dogs in the past end up with the cancer, he only gets organic type dog food, so that cuts out a lot of the crap that industry puts into their food. And that right there is one of the things I find disenchanting about life.

Another thing I find disenchanting is the liar, and evil Nazi Terrorist we have in the White House. I refer to him as evil because he is evil. The very fact of the things he says, and tries to do, from building walls of apartheid to rounding up immigrants, taking their children from them, and putting them into a concentration camp. Sound like anyone we knew in 1933, Germany ?

Trump has done nothing but cause discourse since he has taken office. Our once allies have abandoned us, not a day goes by that he does not tweet, say, or do something that is either a lie, false, incoherent, brings peace, or does not embarrass America. His messages are hate and division while lying about it, saying just the exact opposite of what reality is, then going totally off the rails on this tangent about building a wall. It is like he has some serious brain injury that makes him think that this wall is just the greatest thing in the world. We should be repairing what we have, and building bridges of friendship, and trying to create unity, not create division, then trying to tell another nation they are going to pay for it. That is crazy talk, and proves that he believes that he is in charge of the world, and is delusional enough to believe that he has the power to tell other Nations what they will and will not do. He cannot do that, and he is going to learn it, one way or another.

He has said more than once that groups of White Supremacy and the Klu Klux Klan are “Very Fine People” and has referred to black men as a “Son of a bitch”. He has boasted about walking into women’s dressing rooms as they were undressing and how he would “Grab em by the pussy.” He has repeatedly put his support behind rapist, pedophiles, and corrupt individuals that run for office, and appointed his family and friends to high office and cabinet positions. He put his support behind a rapist that was ultimately added to the Supreme Court, so now we have two rapists on the Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. Every time he denies it, I hear Sam Jackson in my head saying it; “Yes, you did ! YES, YOU, DID, BRETT !” He knows he did it and everyone else knows he did it, and he got away with it, and the Nazi supports him. Very dangerous for America.

Trumper has done horrible things, in between and one of them, is his lunatic demands for a wall. He keeps blaming Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for the actions he is doing, and hopes we will forget that this same thing was going on when Paul Ryan was the house speaker. It does not matter what you think of Pelosi or Schumer, but you have to be impressed with the way they are handling trump. If trump wants to act like a child, and it is apparent he does, as he continues to do so, then it is very appropriate for Pelosi and Schumer to keep treating him like one, and act as his “parents” to keep him in line. If trump wants to be taken seriously, and respected, he is going to have to learn that respect is something that is earned, and not given. He has done nothing to earn the respect of most people. The only people that respect him are his fan base, whom he admits he lies to, and says he does so because they’re stupid. And he is right. Every single one of those people that support him are the ones that are committing acts of terrorism in our country, they are the white supremacists groups, they are the Nazi Regime Association, known as the NRA, that arm the Nazis with firearms and do not care that schools, churches, and synagogues are shot up in an all too often and familiar scene in this country. Other countries do not have these problems and it is unheard of hearing about a school shooting in any other country than America. Even if it has happened in another country, you cannot argue that it happens more in America. No where on earth are more people killed than in the religious countries that are extreme, and America. That should tell you something.

All of these things lead to even more disenchantment with everything. The Media outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, just praise him daily and nightly by referring to him as a “president” You can tell that some people do not acknowledge him as a president, as they will say “Mr. Trump” but you have people like Uncle Tom, Lester Holt, and the National news caster referring to him as a President, and you have local personalities, whom at one time I thought were decent people, have proven themselves not to be decent and refer to him as a president. Emily Pritchard KMOV, Steve Savard KMOV, Chris Nagus KMOV, and most of these people on KSDK News Channel 5, that is NOT on your side, and they get to the news when they damn well feel like it. If there is someone playing with their balls, it could be the end of the world and you wouldn’t know anything about it, because you cannot get any news. It is noted also that KMOV is a part of CBS, and KSDK is a part of NBC. They are no longer what they used to be and have gone from bad to worse in many instances. Even people like Steve Harris KMOV, whom I thought was a decent person has shown that he is not, promoting the horrible Salvation Army. I won’t even get into that now, here, as there are a lot of problems with them, most notably with the likes of their hatred toward the LGBTQUIAA community just like Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A Very horrible people. They also run commercials about God and Jesus as if they are real and have some kind of divine influence. You would have to be mentally insane to think that there is some magician up in the sky, watching everything you do, every minute of every day, and yet all these things happen, and nothing happens to the people that do these things. You same fools that believe there is this special magician watching out for you are the same people that call 911 when your house catches on fire. Just pray the fire goes out, then you can have a GREAT story about how your beliefs in GOD saved you. You people are profoundly stupid or retarded.

I don’t know what has to happen in this country, or what it is going to take, until something is done about trump. The FBI just ignores his behavior, with a probe up Russia’s ass, where they have no business. Russia as of now, is not a major threat to us, no more so, than any other country is, and the FBI has no reach. There is still no evidence that they hacked the elections, and still, if they had, they obviously favored Hitlery, who is just the female version of trump, and has been doing exactly the same shit he has been doing.

The FBI has done nothing about trump at all, yet he keeps yelling “witch hunt” which is odd. The idiot liberals think that Mueller is going to do something to him, as we go into year three of this holocaust and NOTHING has happened to him yet. They could have applied for charges to give some credibility to impeach him and they have not.

There is talk about all these investigations, which everyone seems so sure of, so then the FBI has to be so incompetent, that they are telling someone every move they are making, or it is political theater. I have to go with political theater. Usually, when people are being investigated, they have no clue they are until it all hits the fan, and by that time, there is no way you can get out of it. They already caught you with your hand in the cookie jar, and they have enough evidence to crucify you. Even a shyster of a Jewish Lawyer can’t talk you out of it, but if you behave yourself and cooperate, then that might be the ONLY thing that saves you.

I am in constant fear of my life, and the threats are trumper, his brutal SS regime, kicking down my door in the dead of night to stifle me, the FBI for being so incompetent, ignoring the actual threats that are a clear and present danger to this country, and the police. The only thing I have going for me is I am a white male. If I was black, I am certain that a dirty cop would have killed me already, and though I was shot in the back X times, it would have been ruled a suicide… No wait a minute, that’s if Hillary killed me. If it was the cops, it would have been ruled “Self defense” because you know, an unarmed black man running away from them is going to cause them grave danger. And that is the mentality we have in this country today. The American version of the Nuremberg Trials cannot happen soon enough, and as long as the FBI keeps dickering around, America will NEVER see justice. I miss the days of J. Edgar Hoover. He would have nipped this in the bud a long time ago, and Trump would have been impeached and either resigned, or have been removed from office by now.