Uncle Tom…

The retards at Twitter blocked me for six days, violating my first amendment of my constitutional right to freedom of expression, speech, and press. Twitter cited that “Uncle Tom” was somehow, “Hateful Conduct” and violated their rules.

Everything I looked up, regarding “Uncle Tom” is in no way hateful, nor racist. Even if so, I have a right to be hateful to anyone I want. This is America, I don’t have to like you and I have the right to tell you I hate you.

How hypocritical is Twitter anyway ? Very much so. Look at the vile, disgusting, racist remarks that are made by the pedophile, rapist, Dotard Trump. He NEVER gets his tweets removed, he never is stifled, and the fucking retard Jack Dorsey is a LOON. There. How’s that for hateful ?

I think when I am able, I am removing my Twitter accounts yet again. I will not capitulate and allow them to hold dominion over me, and use my tweet accounts as some kind of leverage against me.

Well, it is done. FUCK OFF, Twitter. Hows that for hateful conduct ? I hate you white supremacists bastards !


A Post About Nothing. It Worked For Seinfeld…

The mental patient keeps refusing to take his medication and becomes more and more bizarre. Lunatic rants about democrats on a witch hunt, when it is Robert Mueller that is a republican and a liar. And the nut gets on Twitter and starts his lying again.  He stated he was not going to watch Mueller’s testimony, but then seemed to be very active on the Twitter that day. I personally did not watch it, because I was at Shady Pines, visiting with my Mother, but I saw all his drivel about it when I got home.

I don’t even follow him on the Twitter, but I do check his feed just to see how far he went off the deep end and to point out his stupidity to him. I doubt he personally reads it, as I am sure my words are too big and complex for him to read or comprehend. His attention span is also that of a goldfish. He loves his gold. His golden narcissistic personality, his golden showers… Which would explain his complexion. I have definitely become racist myself and find myself hating orange people. I shouldn’t be that way though. I am sure there are some “very fine” orange people. He just happens to not be one of them.

So for someone that said he would read the Mueller report, but would not watch the Mueller testimony, he sure had a lot to say about that right after he said it, and also seemed SURPRISED by what he said. Not sure why that was if he read the report, as he claims he did. Can’t believe a word he or Mueller says anyway.

There was no collusion. We know that. There was no Russian nonsense, we know that too. Anyone who is reasonably intelligent knows that. Mueller himself said that then from a highlight snippet that the media released, they showed him saying that Russia is involved. So they cannot even make up their own mind on Russia and they keep speaking out of both sides of their mouth about that. If Russia did hack the election, they obviously favored crooked Hillary. The electoral college is why trump got elected. They are the ones that got him in there. Not Russia. Stop being stupid, and stop talking stupid.

We could pretend that Russia is involved. Who is going to do what about it ? So they make up a story that they’ve indicted 13 Russians that no one knows nor can find, and likely do not even exist. Guess what ? The FBI has no authority in Russia. That would be as preposterous as the KGB picking 13 American names out of a hat and saying they were guilty of putting Putin in the Kremlin. See how ridiculous that is ?

The real collusion is between the rich and the FBI and other Law Enforcement. They only lock up poor people and they lock them up for the most minor BULLSHIT. A poor man has a taillight out, he is going to be locked up. If they’re a black man, they are likely going to be killed by a dirty cop with a bad attitude. It happens every day. If they are white, they will eventually be released and paying fines for the next 10 years. If they are Latino, they will be paying more fines, and get pulled over every time they are caught about and now, the Gestapo will take them to a concentration camp. As of recently, you don’t even have to actually BE Latino. If you just “LOOK” like a Mexican, you will be detained, arrested, and incarcerated. It is like the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

There is something wrong in this country, when people like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, George Bush Jr., are allowed to run for President. There is something wrong when Joe Biden is allowed to continue, giving his grope record and his comments. There is something wrong that people like Buttigieg, Warren, and other super delegates to run. It is so ludicrous.

Trump is right about one thing. This must never be allowed to happen again. When someone is in office of the President, and it is found he has engaged in behavior that this one has, he should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY so that criminal charges can be applied. But the FBI just REFUSES to do that. Maybe they fear to lose their job. If they would REMOVE him, then nothing he says matters at that point. You take away his power. You don’t give him more by not acting on what he has done, and you certainly don’t allow it to continue. Therefore, you are as guilty of a crime as he is because you said nothing and you did nothing.

I don’t like the way things are in this country. And no, I will not leave. First of all, I cannot afford to leave. The republicans have made DAMN sure of that. Second of all, why SHOULD I leave ? This is my country. I should stay here and fight for it. I am losing, and I don’t expect to win, but I am also not just going to shut up and take it. I am not going to ignore the holocaust and the atrocities that are happening to human beings, inflicted by primates that have nothing better to do for our country than harass and abuse minorities. But this has to stop.

I have been saying all along, and I say it still. What does it take ? What does he have to do, or say, before someone starts taking his behavior seriously and realize just how evil he is before he is stopped.

Calling White Nationalist and KKK members “Very Fine People.” Didn’t seem to do it. Promoting police to abuse prisoners and allow them to bang their head on the car door jamb didn’t seem to do it. Racially harassing Mexicans, to the point of inflicting a holocaust didn’t seem to do it. Making racist remarks about Americans didn’t seem to do it either. He made very racist and hateful remarks about 4 American women and no one said a word or did anything about it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY ? Everything that has come from trump, so far, should be grounds enough to disqualify him from running for a second term. Yet, everyone just ignores it and goes on about business as usual, as we have bullshit hearing that amounts to floccinaucinihilipilification.

#Racist Rapist…

The Twitter trend lately, caused by Twitler himself has been #Racist President. Not sure who would want to pound that, but that is identifying the trend.

The mental patient that is loose in The White House was ostentatiously tweeting his psychopathic rants and usual drivel, but then told several American Congress Women, and one legal status woman that has been American longer than Malania, very belligerently to get out of the country.

He has been spewing this foul language and terrible things which seem to have come out of nowhere, likely sparked by one of his delusionally psychotic episodes of an induced stupor.

He is a liar, he is a racist, he is a rapist, he is a pedophile, he supports pedophiles, he is an adulterer, he is a terrorist, he is a Nazi, he has started a holocaust, he locks up kids to be tortured and killed to death, he locks up their parents and charges them with phony crimes, then he blames Obama for it. This is all Obama’s fault. Thanks, Obama. That is how twisted and delusionally psychotic Donald Trump is. Barack Obama is not the President. Donald Trump is not acting like a president, he refuses to do his job in a way he should be doing it, then blames someone else for it not working out the way it should.

He believes it is the democrat’s job to change the immigration laws. The immigration laws are not a problem. Anyone that needs to flee their own country because of political or physical danger is supposed to be welcome to the USA. That is one of the things that made our country great. Trump undid that. So he is not making America great.

He has taken away the rights of the people and is calling the press liars and enemies of people. That is not making America great. He is calling Americans, foreigners and belligerently telling them to go back to their own corrupt shithole country… That would be America. Even Congressional member Ilham Omar of Somalia has been an American longer than Malania Trump but trump says she is a terrorist from the Middle East. Pretty sure Somalia is down in Africa. I could be wrong though. I wasn’t very good at geography.

Our country used to be great, but now, there is a psychopathic racist, rapist, pedophilic, adulterer running around there that has never once made a perspicuous tweet or committed a perspicuous action that has made America better. It has done exactly the opposite and the FBI, and other law enforcement has ignored his tyranny and allow it to continue. They are the enemies of the people and America.

Strange Evidence…

Found some programming on The Science Channel that was fascinating, but is really pissing me off. A science should know better. A program called Strange Evidence aired a few different things and I am going to pick out some examples of what I saw, to use them as a point of illustration.

One of the episodes had a story of trees being swallowed by a swamp. First thing I thought was “sinkhole”. But they had these NUT JOBS on there that thought there was some kind of monster in the swamp eating them. What is wrong with people ? Why are they so f***ing stupid ? They must be trump supporters.

They had on another story of these unknown lights. One idiot was convinced that they were ghosts of the soldiers at Gettysburg. Maybe those were the ghosts of the army that took over the airports in 1775 because you know, it must be true. A “Stable Genius” told us that did really happened.

The whole show is going on like this, and several episodes. Everything from malarkey of “Big Foot”, UFOS, E.T. (Phone Home) with_a_ph, to werewolves, and other malarkey. Come on Science Channel, you of all people should know better.

There are no such things as God, angels, UFOs of other than earthly origins, and Scooby-Doo taught us a very long time ago that ghosts do not exist, and the real monsters are people. As a SCIENCE channel stop with the malarkey. That REALLY pisses me off to the point I don’t want to watch. It is a waste of time when I have to hear from NUT JOBS. I see enough mindless drivel on Twitter, from the mental patient in The White House, that I do not even follow.

A Stable Genius…

WOW. The “stable genius” praised the army for taking airports before planes were ever invented, then starts talking about the war of 1812. Wonder if he ever met with The Prince of “Whales”, or if he ever figured out who the President of Puerto Rico is. He demanded to speak to Puerto Rico’s President after the hurricane, but I think he was busy throwing in the towel, err, I mean throwing paper towels at people.


Such an embarrassment to our country !

Da Plane, Da Plane…

Treasure Island’s character, Tattoo. There is something wrong with this planet and the people on it. Something has happened where people have gone totally berzerk and are defiling themselves with graffiti, obscuring their identity and who they are, with these permanent marks from some stranger they don’t know, injecting all of these toxins into their body and for what ? It is not attractive, and it makes a once attractive person become nauseating.

And don’t be insulted. It is not meant as an insult, it is just the truth. People tell me that it is a statement. Exactly what statement are they trying to make ? That they cannot exercise good judgement ? I am just curious.

Other people tell me that it is none of my business. Okay, well if it is none of my business, then why do you expose yourself for everyone to see ? If it is no one’s business, cover it up.

I do not recognize people anymore. I don’t even recognize human beings anymore. I get so undone when I see these grotesquely nauseating things and it is like a dagger in me when I see people I care about disappearing behind graffiti of grotesquely nauseating blotches of ink. It is like someone threw bottles of ink on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It is not body art, there is nothing artistic about it. It is an assault on the flesh and worse than raping someone.

F*** The Police…

A woman in Saint Louis County, Missouri had her house swatted by the Saint Louis County, Missouri Gestapo, where they kicked in her door with a “No knock” warrant and shot her dog, in the back, to death, all because her gas service was turned off. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS ? You’re getting your house busted into by a swarm of Nazis just because your gas service is shut off, then they shoot and kill your dog ? WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS SHIT HOLE COUNTRY ?

The woman was awarded $750,000.00. It should be $700 MILLION. And it still doesn’t bring her dogs back. If I was in charge of that police department, every single one of those officers would have been fired, and the one that shot the dog would have been charged with murder. WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY ?