I received a nice comment from someone about my writings. Sadly, I don’t write much anymore because of debilitating pain of Fibromyalgia and because of a lot of personal minutia in my personal life that takes a lot of my time and energy. Actually, it knocks the wind right out of my sails.

The comment was back from January 10th. E-mail has become such of a mess, I didn’t see that I had a comment. In the past, I have left comments open and people trashed them with malicious posts and posted personal and private information. So sad it is, we live in a world where we cannot be at perfect harmony with all things living.

I try to make posts that are intelligent, as little profanity as possible. I never swore like I started since 2016 and prior to that I almost never used the “F” word. It wasn’t my thing. I used to listen to people talk and every other word was “F” this, “F” that, “F” him, and “F” you. The very first time that word slipped out of my mouth, I was so shocked as everyone else, that I got a dizzy spell for a few seconds. It was a strange sensation. When I hear people use it, I think they’re unintelligent for the most part. Perhaps it’s not fair because George Carlin used it often and he was brilliant when he lived. His esoteric knowledge of certain topics that he worked into a comedy skit, also brilliant. I am not aware if he wrote any of his own materials.

Sadly, I won’t get a chance to write as much. When I do, I put a lot of thought and effort into it. I can proof read it a hundred times or more and it looks okay, but as soon as I publish or reread it later, I find stupid errors in grammar, sometimes spelling, and in punctuation. Then I wonder if I was clear. I am clear to myself, but is the reader clear ? Does the person reading know what I am talking about, and more importantly, are they understanding my point ? Is it coherent ? I mock the hell out of trumper on his twitter because he deserves to be mocked. He mocks disabled reporters and P.O.W.s. He is truly a despicable person and a disgrace on our nation. The only people that are almost as stupid, if not more so are the fools that support him. One would have to be a very particular type of stupid to defend and support someone that supports Nazism, terrorism, rape, pedophiles, and people who are so vicious and cruel that they starve people to death by taking away their food stamps especially right before Christmas, and who is also attempting to take away people’s Social Security checks that have worked all their lives for them and rely on them to make it in their retirement years, or people who rely on them because they can no longer work.

The idiots wonder why no one likes him but won’t say why. We know why. Mocking disabled reporters, building a wall of apartheid, not knowing who the president of Puerto Rico is, throwing paper towels at them, starting a holocaust, inciting mass shootings, race riots, taking food away from poor people

General Bone Spurs should understand that, but he doesn’t because his rich daddy handed him money that he never had to work a day in his life for, squandered it all away on all the epic failures, just like he is, and not only is he financially bankrupt but he is also morally and characteristically bankrupt and he will never amount to anything and keeps taking what he wants from others. He even admits to “Grab em by the pussy” The very words of a perverted rapist !

This obstructing he does is wrong. The FBI, CIA, SS, and every other type of LEO (Law Enforcement Official) has done absolutely nothing about any of that behavior and that makes them accomplices. It is my hope that America someday soon has its own version of the Nuremberg Trials and I hope that those that stood by and watched, but never did anything or spoke out get the very rude awakening to the revelation that was fated to those in the German version. It must be so. America has learned nothing from history and someone needs to make an example of trumper and all those that support him, praise him, and have protected him while he has killed us.

An Article About Impeachment…

For the past three years, Donald Trump has committed crimes against the United States of America, and us, as in we, the people. Donald Trump in 2016 said on World Wide Television “And Russia, if you’re listening…” and asked for a political favor against his opponent who so freely handed him the country, after she cheated for her own political ambition. The FBI has refused to open any investigation into Trump, but instead after several other shenanigans, opened a sham investigation into a country which they have no reach or power, and indicted 13 Russian phantoms that has not been a peep out of since, because they do not exist.

Since then, Donald Trump has bombastically blasted the FBI, called them names, fired directors, and did it all using twitter. A Social Network platform should not be a tool for official business. Firing someone is such an official business, it should be done in private. “He’s no longer with the agency” is an appropriate response to any questions asked about said person.

For the past three years, Donald Trump has alienated our allies, befriended Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, while alienating our allies like all of Europe by repeatedly calling them names on Twitter, referring to them as “Nasty”, he has made threats of bodily harm via Twitter, he intimidated witnesses via Twitter, he bullies people online via Twitter, he incites mass shootings via Twitter and the FBI has not once opened any investigation into any of that conduct.

For the past three years Donald Trump has misappropriated funds intended for disaster relief to fund a wall of apartheid, Donald Trump has stolen money from charitable organizations and cancer treatment for children to impose his effigy on fake Time Magazine covers violating trademark and copyright laws. The FBI and Secret Service (SS) have failed to investigate any of that. It’s like they are obtuse, and it is no doubt, deliberate. I pretty much try to hide under a rock and even I see what he’s doing, so their ignorance deliberate or not, is no excuse.

For the past three years, everyone Donald Trump has surrounded himself with has either been investigated, arrested, and or charged with a crime, done at the request of Donald Trump, except for Donald Trump. Why ? Is is clear that Donald Trump is the problem.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has started a holocaust by abducting babies from their parents and putting the parents and the children into concentration camps, where they are being neglected to the point that they are getting sick and dying, they are no doubt being sexually abused. Being separated from their parents and caged is psychological torture to the parents and to the children, so ICE (IL) is also criminally involved here, as well as the entities that are running these detention centers where people aren’t being detained, but being left to die by getting flu, forced to drink from toilets, not allowed to bathe or have Personal Hygiene items. It is an OUTRAGE. Even the gays, the Jews, and the blacks sent to Auschwitz were given a suitcase of basic personal hygiene items. Not a peep from anyone about any of it.

There is so much crap going on in this timeline, in just this year alone that have caused more and more of people being charged with crimes, and suddenly, refusals to obey subpoenas, and they are not arrested ? What the hell planet am I living on ? If I was issued a subpoena and I didn’t appear, I would expect my front door to be kicked in in the dead of the night and to be yanked out of my bed, onto the floor, manhandled, roughed up, put into handcuffs and taken to the room where they shine lights in your face and beat the hell out of you with a rubber hose. But nothing has happened to Barr or anyone else.

If I was then accused of making a telephone call to someone, and made some kind of threat to them, I would expect them to have evidence. I would expect a recording, and I would expect transcripts, and I would expect witnesses. We have all of that. Then I would expect being charged with such a crime and either ROR or detained, then arraigned, then ROR or detained depending if I was thought to be a flight risk or not, then I would have to face a judge, make a plea, and if I plead not guilty, or innocent, then it would go to trial. I would certainly defend myself if I did not do what I was accused of, and I would certainly ask to see all the evidence that they have against me, and expect a public defense or a lawyer to obtain those facts and make motions for discovery on my behalf.

With Donald Trump, we have all the evidence, we have all the transcripts, we have transcripts that he, himself, provided. We have two channels of actions going on, one official, and one unofficial to conceal the crimes that were going on. So that in and of itself is a crime, and also is evident of a crime. It’s like a businessman that keeps two sets of books. One is true for IRS records, and the other is more true for his own records and off the official books.

Donald Trump has not once defended himself. He has been afforded every opportunity to defend himself and has refused. Not one republican has defended his actions, only bringing up the past of other people that are not relevant in lame attempts to derail the issue which is what Donald Trump did in 2016, that we saw him do on world wide TV and what we also saw him do again, on world wide TV in September, when news broke and he opened his big mouth in front of live cameras and hot microphones. He does not even deny he did it, but just keeps saying that it was “perfect”.

The republicans made a total fool of themselves on national TV again today. Not one of them have defended what Trump did, they just totally denied it all, then brought up the past and irrelevant people of the past that committed crimes and nothing was done about. It is not about them. This is all about Donald Trump. He LOVES the spotlight, so stop deflecting. More than the telephone call, this is about his patterns of abuse, and his willingness to keep doing what he wants to do, making a mockery of democracy, America, and our constitution. This is not an attempt to take away his presidency because we are unhappy about what the electoral college decided, and overrode our votes. If we did that, George H.W. Bush would have been impeached. What good would it do ? If he was removed, which the republicans made up their mind in 2016 that they will never allow it, then Pence would be president. A closet case who was so messed up by his conversion therapy, he’ll just be a “yes” man and go along with whatever Trump wanted.

What is even more foolish of the republicans, and their penchant for the past, was to bring up Jesus, the Christ in religion and said that when he was brought to Pilate, he was allowed to confront his accuser. First of all, Donald is NOTHING like Jesus. Jesus fed the hungry, he did not take away their food stamps. Jesus himself, as depicted in the book of lies, was said to have never told a lie. Jesus also faced his punishment instead of running away from it and he never did attack or threaten his accusers or the people that inflicted all the suffering upon him.

I found it amusing, though accurate that they used a book of lies to try and justify their lies, and we know it s a book of lies because everything that the book said happened was either never proven to have happened, or it was disproven to have been impossible to happen. You know, things like two penguins walking from the Antarctic to the Middle East to get onto a boat that was mathematically proven to have sunk as soon as it went in the water. And since the republicans like to dream up this phrase of “Kangaroos” lets talk about how all the Kangaroos got off of the ark, when it came to rest atop Mount Ararat, and hopped the thousands of miles back to Australia (Which trump thinks is Austria) and how those kangaroos managed to pick up the bones of all their dead along the way, as if to leave no evidence it ever happened. Really, you people are a JOKE ! Yes, that’s right this process is a joke, and you republicans are the punchline, deflecting what the Nazi terrorist has done, and trying to derail the topic.

So you have Donald Trump accused of a crime with evidence and witnesses that corroborate all the evidence against him, and he refuses to defend himself and testify under oath, then tells others under his control to not testify under oath to defend him. Actions speak louder and clearer than words. It’s because he’s guilty, and he knows that if they got him to testify, under oath, that they would trip him up in his own lies, which he makes very easy to do, then they could get him for lying too. It is the republicans that are the Do Nothing party. There are bills and bills sitting on Addison’s desk right now where they will die, just as he promised that he would do as the “Grim Reaper” Do nothing, then blame the other party for what you are guilty of. That is not an accusation, it is what we have all witnessed with our own eyes. The republicans are the joke, and the punchline, Trump is the laughing sock of the mockery that he has made of our democracy, and the republicans just keep edging it on. They too need to be impeached for obstruction.

There is so much malarkey and shenanigans of lies and deceit, I have a headache, neck and back-pain trying to figure it all out, which is what the republicans want. To confuse people. The issue is clear though. Trump abused his position which the abuse itself is not a crime, but when you use that power to coerce a blow job, or a telephone call to a foreign government, then lie about it, it is a crime. It is as if the republicans intentionally want to destroy our country, Donald Trump is their leader, and the FBI, CIA, SS, Homeland Security, and all other law enforcement just allow it, violating their oath of office and continue to piss all over their badge and us. And according to Stormy, Trump is into that too. But now he can say “I’m not orange, Impeach. Spike Lee and me will have to come up with another nick name since Agent Orange that is the new (Obama) is no longer relevant anymore.



End of America

Make no mistake. America is under attack. Our constitution is under attack. Our democracy is under attack. Our republic is under attack. The attacker is not from Russia, the Ukraine, China, North Korea, or any other foreign nation. It is being attacked from within by a Nazi Terrorist in the White House that has taken over, thanks to the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Wassermann, and Lynch all rigging the primaries. Because of their corruption, we have a narcissistic sociopath that rapes women and children, and believes that he can do whatever he wants to them, because he does, and gets away with it, that is executing these attacks on everything America is, was, stands for, and stood for.

The FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and every other agency sworn to protect and defend the constitution and the country from all terrorists, domestic and foreign have failed miserably and continue to fail miserably. This is a holocaust with crimes against humanity and genocide committed by trumper and ICE (IL) and is allowed to continue to do it by all Law Enforcement Agencies and enabled by the useless, and do nothing republicans. He is incorrigible.

It has been made perfectly clear that the Untied States is about to become a dictatorship very soon. And it is going to be the darkest day yet in America. We have a Nazi terrorist that no one will do ANYTHING about and it will forever change America and allow any rogue person to take over our country and do whatever they want to do. Always remember this happened while the Law Enforcement agencies did NOTHING !

Daesh Leader ?

Got some ho hum mentions, but nothing really lit up my computer about the Terrorist’s claim that he killed the other terrorist, the leader of Daesh. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I will say, it seems like I have heard this before. And of course this dotard started to rant in his usual bombastic, sensationalist, rants and how great everything and everyone was. I turned him off after I got the gist of it.

He made a cryptic tweet prior to the boasting to the press about it. In other research, he went on to rant, about how secretive the mission was, then started discussing how the military did it. What is wrong with him. You do not discuss with anyone, anything about what the military does, and how they do it. You just don’t. And now it also seems to be claimed that he told Russia about it, before telling our country about it. It’s like he never learns his lesson. And the FBI in all of this still remains silent. They, as public servants, whom we pay, do not have that right. They are supposed to defend our constitution from ALL terrorists, foreign AND DOMESTIC, and they are failing at honoring that sworn oath !

Growing Danger…

I haven’t written in a while. Far too long. Personal life and family business I will not get into here.

While on writing hiatus, things in this country have gone from bad to worse. The mental patient is becoming more and more out of line with his remarks and tweets. His tweets about “Secret Meetings” are over the top. Who would tweet that they are going to have a “Secret Meeting” ? No one in their right mind would. So it’s a lie too. Then all of a sudden, a day later when that “Secret Meeting” was to be had, it was “cancelled”. Sure it was, because it was never going to take place in the first place. In the tweet of the “secret meeting” he tweeted details of that “secret meeting” saying that he was going to meet with Taliban leaders at Camp David. Since when does the Untied States negotiate with terrorists ? So that is also a lie. And to come up with these lies and tweet them out right before the 18th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is all that much more disgusting.

Via Twitter, he fired John Bolton, the director of the NSA that was a “great” and “wonderful” guy when he hired him. Then he said he “Asked him to resign”. That megalomaniac doesn’t ask anyone anything, he dictates via twitter, then lies about it. The turnabout in his office have been more than in any other administration of the Untied States.

Meanwhile, the holocaust continues. Those kids are being abused by sex predators, as they are still locked in cages without their parents. Horrible. To think that a holocaust would happen in America, especially now that we saw how evil and horrible it was is just outrageous. I hope that there is a pending process that brings about an American version of the Nuremberg trials, because Trump, and everyone around him that went along with him, including all the (SS), FBI, NSA, ICE, Homeland Security, and every other LEO that did NOTHING to stop him, nor corrected it need to face charges and go to prison for a very, very long time. Like until they cease to exist. They have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, including torture, and violation of the Geneva code. If this was an active war on American soil, he would be charged with war crimes. And all LEOS just ignore every other lie he tells and every crime he commits, and continues to allow him to do it, as he whines about it and calls them names. Like a baby.

Uncle Tom…

The retards at Twitter blocked me for six days, violating my first amendment of my constitutional right to freedom of expression, speech, and press. Twitter cited that “Uncle Tom” was somehow, “Hateful Conduct” and violated their rules.

Everything I looked up, regarding “Uncle Tom” is in no way hateful, nor racist. Even if so, I have a right to be hateful to anyone I want. This is America, I don’t have to like you and I have the right to tell you I hate you.

How hypocritical is Twitter anyway ? Very much so. Look at the vile, disgusting, racist remarks that are made by the pedophile, rapist, Dotard Trump. He NEVER gets his tweets removed, he never is stifled, and the fucking retard Jack Dorsey is a LOON. There. How’s that for hateful ?

I think when I am able, I am removing my Twitter accounts yet again. I will not capitulate and allow them to hold dominion over me, and use my tweet accounts as some kind of leverage against me.

Well, it is done. FUCK OFF, Twitter. Hows that for hateful conduct ? I hate you white supremacists bastards !

A Post About Nothing. It Worked For Seinfeld…

The mental patient keeps refusing to take his medication and becomes more and more bizarre. Lunatic rants about democrats on a witch hunt, when it is Robert Mueller that is a republican and a liar. And the nut gets on Twitter and starts his lying again.  He stated he was not going to watch Mueller’s testimony, but then seemed to be very active on the Twitter that day. I personally did not watch it, because I was at Shady Pines, visiting with my Mother, but I saw all his drivel about it when I got home.

I don’t even follow him on the Twitter, but I do check his feed just to see how far he went off the deep end and to point out his stupidity to him. I doubt he personally reads it, as I am sure my words are too big and complex for him to read or comprehend. His attention span is also that of a goldfish. He loves his gold. His golden narcissistic personality, his golden showers… Which would explain his complexion. I have definitely become racist myself and find myself hating orange people. I shouldn’t be that way though. I am sure there are some “very fine” orange people. He just happens to not be one of them.

So for someone that said he would read the Mueller report, but would not watch the Mueller testimony, he sure had a lot to say about that right after he said it, and also seemed SURPRISED by what he said. Not sure why that was if he read the report, as he claims he did. Can’t believe a word he or Mueller says anyway.

There was no collusion. We know that. There was no Russian nonsense, we know that too. Anyone who is reasonably intelligent knows that. Mueller himself said that then from a highlight snippet that the media released, they showed him saying that Russia is involved. So they cannot even make up their own mind on Russia and they keep speaking out of both sides of their mouth about that. If Russia did hack the election, they obviously favored crooked Hillary. The electoral college is why trump got elected. They are the ones that got him in there. Not Russia. Stop being stupid, and stop talking stupid.

We could pretend that Russia is involved. Who is going to do what about it ? So they make up a story that they’ve indicted 13 Russians that no one knows nor can find, and likely do not even exist. Guess what ? The FBI has no authority in Russia. That would be as preposterous as the KGB picking 13 American names out of a hat and saying they were guilty of putting Putin in the Kremlin. See how ridiculous that is ?

The real collusion is between the rich and the FBI and other Law Enforcement. They only lock up poor people and they lock them up for the most minor BULLSHIT. A poor man has a taillight out, he is going to be locked up. If they’re a black man, they are likely going to be killed by a dirty cop with a bad attitude. It happens every day. If they are white, they will eventually be released and paying fines for the next 10 years. If they are Latino, they will be paying more fines, and get pulled over every time they are caught about and now, the Gestapo will take them to a concentration camp. As of recently, you don’t even have to actually BE Latino. If you just “LOOK” like a Mexican, you will be detained, arrested, and incarcerated. It is like the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

There is something wrong in this country, when people like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, George Bush Jr., are allowed to run for President. There is something wrong when Joe Biden is allowed to continue, giving his grope record and his comments. There is something wrong that people like Buttigieg, Warren, and other super delegates to run. It is so ludicrous.

Trump is right about one thing. This must never be allowed to happen again. When someone is in office of the President, and it is found he has engaged in behavior that this one has, he should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY so that criminal charges can be applied. But the FBI just REFUSES to do that. Maybe they fear to lose their job. If they would REMOVE him, then nothing he says matters at that point. You take away his power. You don’t give him more by not acting on what he has done, and you certainly don’t allow it to continue. Therefore, you are as guilty of a crime as he is because you said nothing and you did nothing.

I don’t like the way things are in this country. And no, I will not leave. First of all, I cannot afford to leave. The republicans have made DAMN sure of that. Second of all, why SHOULD I leave ? This is my country. I should stay here and fight for it. I am losing, and I don’t expect to win, but I am also not just going to shut up and take it. I am not going to ignore the holocaust and the atrocities that are happening to human beings, inflicted by primates that have nothing better to do for our country than harass and abuse minorities. But this has to stop.

I have been saying all along, and I say it still. What does it take ? What does he have to do, or say, before someone starts taking his behavior seriously and realize just how evil he is before he is stopped.

Calling White Nationalist and KKK members “Very Fine People.” Didn’t seem to do it. Promoting police to abuse prisoners and allow them to bang their head on the car door jamb didn’t seem to do it. Racially harassing Mexicans, to the point of inflicting a holocaust didn’t seem to do it. Making racist remarks about Americans didn’t seem to do it either. He made very racist and hateful remarks about 4 American women and no one said a word or did anything about it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY ? Everything that has come from trump, so far, should be grounds enough to disqualify him from running for a second term. Yet, everyone just ignores it and goes on about business as usual, as we have bullshit hearing that amounts to floccinaucinihilipilification.